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Donations to TAR UMT


TAR UMT is a not-for-profit, private university in Malaysia managed by the TARC Education Foundation. Generous contributions from alumni and public has enormously benefited TAR UMT in providing affordable and quality education to all Malaysians. And TAR UMT aims to continue enabling all its students regardless of background, to further receive quality education for many more decades to come.

In providing quality teaching and learning, TAR UMT needs to constantly upgrade our infrastructure and facilities. One such project is the Student Centre. This centre houses facilities that cater not only to educational but also the recreation and welfare needs of students and to meet the desired objective in encouraging active student participation in societies, clubs and other co-curriculum activities. These are equally crucial to the well-rounded quality education of each our students.


Additionally, TAR UMT has always provided financial support for needy students to enable them to obtain tertiary education and to pursue their ambitions. In this respect, TAR UMT has helped thousands of students by disbursing interest-free student loans and gave them hope in their pursuit of an affordable education.

As alumni, some of us would have benefitted from such financial support and other facilities. We urge you to help us in continuing, if not improve such facilities so that our next generation will draw the benefit for the betterment of all our families and the community.


Our appeal

Your generous contribution, will help TAR UMT to continue our success in producing high caliber well rounded graduates. Your donation will go to the TARC Education Foundation to fund the following:

  • TAR UMT Student Centre Fund
  • TAR UMT Student Loan Fund
Method of donation

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“Each Contribution Regardless the Amount Makes a Difference”